Weekend Visitors

We had quite a fun weekend with some visitors who came in from the City. Taylor and Kirra Sutton came out for a short little trip to the suburbs. I haven't had a chance to look through some of the pictures Brian took from Saturday, but our friends have a nice little write up about the visit on their blog. (By the way, there is one picture of me looking at some of the Flea Market items and you might notice that my hair is looking a bit different. I got a haircut on Thursday and am loving the darker, shorter look. Maybe Brian will posts some other pictures of the new-do!)
Yesterday we (just Brian and I) took a little adventure over to Long Grove, IL. They have an Apple Festival there in the Fall, and we thoroughly enjoyed the festivities. The weather has turned much cooler in the past week, so we had fun pulling out some of our warmer clothes. When we first arrived at the Apple Festival it was raining so we quickly found a place to eat lunch and wait out the storm. We found the Village Tavern and had a great meal.

(Picture from the website, not GeeFamily Photography)

In the end, the weather cleared up and we were able to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. We waited in line at the Apple Haus for awhile - but it was totally worth the wait! We scarfed down our apple-inspired-goodies and explored the cute historic downtown of Long Grove. One Hot Apple Cider, one Caramel White Chocolate covered Apple, one Caramel Apple Pie, and one Apple Donut all amounts to one very good time!

By the way, you won't see any of our pictures from this event because Brian decided to play with his film camera. It was feeling a bit neglected, so he took it for a little spin!

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