A Quick Look Back

Everyone seems to be doing the "2008 Year in Review" post, so why should we try to be any different? 2008 has really flown by, but we managed to cram a whole lot in there.

This past year:

  • We faced (and survived) our first winter in Chicagoland

  • We attended a Bull's game (and sat in box seats!)

  • We went to the Shedd Auqarium

  • We fell more in love with Chicago

  • Monica started seeing a new doctor who has really helped

  • Monica worked on the ESV Study Bible

  • Brian went to the Together for the Gospel Conference in Louisville, KY

  • Monica started a purse making business

  • Brian completed year one of his MA degree

  • Brian came down with mono

  • We went to a Cubs game with Monica's parents

  • We celebrated 2 years of marriage

  • Brian's grandparents and parents came to visit

  • We took a vacation to Michigan

  • Monica turned 24

  • Monica's dear friend from CA came to visit

  • Brian grew his photography business

  • Monica's sister and brother-in-law came to visit

  • We went to CA for Brian's sister's wedding

  • Brian started year two of his MA degree

  • Brian helped co-lead our Young Married's Bible Study

  • Monica's brother-in-law came to IL on a Marine Band Tour

  • Monica went to the True Woman Conference with her mom

  • Monica went to the Evangelical Theological Society in Providence, RI

  • Brian's parents, sister, and brother-in-law came out for Thanksgiving (which Monica cooked)

  • Brian turned 23

  • Brian finished up his second to last semester in the MA program

  • We went to CA to celebrate Christmas with our families

    • And that pretty much brings us up to date! There have been so many other little things that have contributed to this past year, and so many things that can't be quantified or summed up in a short sentence. But afterall, this post isn't called "A Long and Lengthy Look Back". We are bringing in the New Year by celebrating with some of our close friends. There are so many things we are looking forward to in 2009, but for now, we give thanks and praise to our God for his goodness and faithfulness to us. It is such a comfort to know that we can trust him with our past, present, and future, knowing that none of it is without purpose. We seek to continue to love each other and glorify God each day in 2009.

      Happy New Year!


      3 Years

      Time is such a strange thing. As you go through each day you think time is moving so slowly, and then one day you wake up and realize that 3 years have quickly slipped by. (And, no, I'm not talking about how long it has been since we've updated!) Do you know what happened 3 years ago today? Brian Scott Gee asked me to be his bride. I am still amazed that he decided to choose me! What an amazing privilege it is to be Mrs. Gee.

      This pic wasn't taken the day we were engaged, but only a week or two after. I love that three years later we still look at each other the same way. Well, not exactly the same, we love each other even more!