The Lopez Family

After having spent a relaxing Saturday at Ventura, Monica and I went back to the beach on Sunday for a family session with one of my co-workers, Fanchette Lopez, her husband Leonard, and her three kids: Hannah, Leonard Jr., and Anthony. Here are some of my favorites...


Five Weeks and Counting!

The countdown to our move to Chicago is definitely on! It has been amazing experience to watch things fall into place over the past 2 months. While we don't have all the details worked out yet - we do have a place to live and at least a partial income. We also were able to sell the Beetle and have purchased a 2003 Honda Element. It is so cool to look back on a previous post where we asked for prayer and to see some of those prayers being answered. Thank you all! We thought you might enjoy seeing a picture of our new home:

We will be living in the basement of this beautiful mid-western home. This is pretty much a perfect fit for us and we can't wait to start our new lives there! Monica will be working part-time for her dad, but other than that jobs are still up in the air. We are confident God will sustain us and provide exactly what we need in order to glorify Him the most! More news to come!


Nikki & Jake

Just before Monica and I left for Israel, we had the privilege of taking my sister, Nikki and her boyfriend Jake out for some photos. We had a great time, and they've been very patient waiting for me to edit and get their photos to them. Scroll down to see a sampling of some of their pictures. What I did not realize at the time of the shoot was just how much fun I would have editing their photos. There is something extraordinarily exciting about seeing the person you've lived with most of your life all grown up!