Before the Dust Settles

I know what y'all really want to see is pics of the new place, but it is still under construction! We've been homeowners for a little over three weeks now and have been hard at work ripping out wood paneling (really, if you are considering putting paneling in, just don't), tearing down walls, putting up drywall, spackling, putting up moulding, caulking, sanding, painting, etc. We've had the amazingly generous help of both Brian's mom and grandpa - which means we are nearing the end of destruction/reconstruction.

But, until then, I thought I'd share some pics of our soon-to-be-old apartment here in Wheaton. We've loved living here, and it is fun to reminisce on all the good times we've enjoyed in these rooms. Hope this will tide you over until we get some pics of the new place up and running!