Putting Some Swing In It!

So last Friday Monica and I had an awesome time at a little young married's party that some friends hosted! Why? Because we learned how to swing dance! We've wanted to learn some sort of dance for some time, so when this came along, we were really excited! Our friends Peter and Laura have been taking lessons for some time now (they are really good!), so they offered to teach us all some moves! It was awesome, and we picked it up pretty fast. Thanks, Peter and Laura, for an awesome time! Here's some (low-res) photos; if anyone wants higher res for a print, just e-mail me at briansgee@gmail.com :)...

In other news, I'm sitting on top of a pile of photos to edit - from trips, visitors, friends, but it's end of month at work so I'll be spending some time on that over the next few days...hopefully I'll be able to also post a few photos every couple of days :), but thanks for your patience!


More to come soon...

Sorry for being so quiet lately on the blog. We've both been extremely busy with work the past week or so. Brian has been doing some freelance work for Crossway and Monica has been under the gun to get everything done for the release of the ESV Study Bible in October. Just in case you'd like to take a look at what that release entails, check out www.ESVStudyBible.org. It's AWESOME!


Nikki & Jake

For me, photography is always an emotional process. I long to bring out those deep-seated feelings of love, tenderness, joy, happiness, thoughtfulness, and romance. Throw family into that mix, and I find myself on the verge of being a bit choked up. Nikki, my sister, is getting married to Jake in just over a month. Although these pictures were taken over a year ago, I was able to track down the original files and re-edit them. Having just watched the gallery on my website for the first time all set to music, I think I feel comfortable enough to say that these photos reflect some of those inner emotions both in myself and between Nikki and Jake. I hope you enjoy them. Here's a sample below...

To view the entire gallery, click here. To view the GeeFamily Photography Home Page, click here.


Vacation's All I Ever Wanted - Pt. 2

As promised, here is the second installement of our vacation: day 2! Thursday was filled with a mishmash of relaxing and touring. We started our day with our first delicious breakfast cooked by the owner of the B&B, Bob. After eating, we set out for Holland, MI, a dutch town about thirty minutes north of South Haven. We have some friends who grew up and went to college there, so we figured we stop in on their hometown (even though they now live in Wheaton) and look around.

The downtown was so cute! We walked from storefront to storefront. Monica picked out an awesome necklace, and I found a violin-crafter's shop - apparantly a rather well known violin maker from the Netherlands. Henning was kind enough to let me fiddle around a bit and we chatted with he and his wife for awhile. After grabbing a cup of coffee, we set out for "Windmill Island", the home of the only operating Dutch windmill in America (i.e., the only windmill that still grinds wheat, complete with the only Holland [the country] certified master miller!). The whole thing was kinda touristy, but for 7 bucks, it was a lot of fun and pretty interesting as we even got a tour of the windmill. All in all, Holland is a beautiful city with a good deal of fun things to see and do!

After grabbing a quick lunch, we went back to South Haven and laid out for several hours at the beach. We even managed to avoid getting burnt! After a pizza dinner, we headed out to the lighthouse at the end of the pier where I couldn't help but take some pictures of my be-a-utiful wife! Finally, we ended our day back where we ended it the day before - at Sherman's. I was a lot wiser this time and only ordered a single scoop!

So that was day two! Here are the photos...

The Violin Shop

Henning and Me with a Viola He Made in 1957 Monica's Super Cute Necklace!

Downtown Holland

Monica and Yet Another Friend...I Knew He Was A Mischievious Fellow!
Hand-Carved Wooden Horses from a Dutch Carousel at Windmill Island
At Windmill Island...

Ah Yes, the Clogs...Thank Goodness These Never Caught On!
This Pic Speaks For Itself!
An Old Dutch Traveling Organ
The Windmill

...With an Underwhelming "Authentic" Dutch Dance
They All Look Like They're Loving Being There...
A Cool Shadow...
Inside the Windmill...

Us at the End of the Pier

And, Of Course, My Hottie Wife!

At Sunset...