A Day in a Life

We're back from our travels (they actually only lasted a total of 30 hours!) but have been pretty busy since we returned. Brian was able to take a lot of fun photos at the wedding and we got to catch up with some old friends from TMC. It was such a blessing to be a part of it all! Brian wants to edit some of the photos, but will probably get them posted eventually. Most of his time has been consumed with web design, editing, accounting, photography, and oh yeah, homework. He is one busy dude!

In the mean time, Monica's got a busy little bun in the oven. We had our 14 week ultrasound (this means the start of the 2nd trimester, woohoo!) on Monday and got to see our growing baby. It is just amazing how much they grow each time! We weren't expecting another ultrasound, but our doctor said, "Why not? You are here anyway" and we didn't turn him down. I want to see that little kid every chance I get! After a quick look at the baby the doctor announced "That's one healthy kid." That's just what we like to hear. Like before, baby is a mover and a shaker (although Monica isn't feeling any movement yet) and we weren't able to get a great shot. But, here is the little one a lot bigger than last time. Throughout the course of the ultrasound we could see him/her moving his/her arms and could even make out little fingers. 6 more weeks until the gender ultrasound - we can't wait!

Sorry for the greasy finger prints to the right, I guess I was enjoying my french fries a little too much when admiring this picture! Ok, here is the scoop, baby's head is to the right and we are pretty sure he/she is on his/her back. You can kind of make out the legs and feet to the left, but its not super clear. I'm starting to get the faintest hint of a baby belly, so we may be posting pictures of that soon. Enjoy!