:: the pipers :: a preview ::

a few weeks ago, the pipers gave me a call and asked if i'd be available to do a family portrait session with them before the winter cold set in. i was thrilled. they are such a photogenic family, and even though it felt like winter had already come the day of the shoot, they were great sports.

i've been out sick for almost two weeks now, so they've also shown great patience with me as i wait for this well-overstayed cold to pass. in the meantime, here's a few shots to share with friends and family over the holiday vacation, and i can't wait to finish the rest for you...


:: parker thomas gee ::

most of you know about the birth of our son, parker thomas gee. but some of you may not know just how adorable he is. so here are a few pics to help convince you of how good looking he is:


:: monica @ 38 weeks ::

After a bit of prompting and a streak of good weather, Monica and I were able to get out into our backyard and take some more prego pics. Monica is now 38 weeks along - and ready to be done! We can't wait to see our son. But before the delivery, we wanted to get out and take one last set of pics to show just how beautiful and stylish momma is. I love these pics. And I love my wife. I hope you enjoy the pics as much as we do, and we can't wait to see you all soon!


peter & laura anniversary session :: preview

Peter and Laura recently celebrated their anniversary. As a gift to each other, they called me up to shoot some anniversary portraits downtown. I LOVE shooting downtown, so I couldn't wait for this session. What I didn't expect was how awesome Peter and Laura were in front of the camera. Their love and passion for each other bleeds through each image. So, Peter and Laura, here are a few shots from our time downtown. More to come later, of course ::


What's Cookin' in Our Kitchen

I posted this picture over on my craft blog, but thought y'all might appreciate an update too! We are in the house and the last big project is underway. The kitchen cabinets arrived on Monday and can you believe they are already looking this GREAT? That's Brian and Pop hard at work -- actually, they are working as a type! I can feel the 'ceiling' (I'm in the basement, so technically it is the floor!) vibrate as they drill away. Anyway, isn't it looking lovely?