. eli & allison e-session :: preview .

a few weeks before leaving for cali, i was asked to shoot an engagement session for eli & allison. i've known eli for years, so it was really a privilege to meet his fiancee, allison. it was even more of a joy to spend a couple hours with them going around town and looking for cool spots to take some shots. this couple loves to laugh! so this session was so much fun! thanks, eli & allison, for letting me capture these moments. here's a few preview pictures i was able to get done today. i'll let everyone know when the full set is up!

. back home .

well, after an eventful several days out west, we are back home. we had a great time with all of our friends and family, and i had a great time shooting both a wedding and an engagement session. so i'll be tucked away here in the office for some time, but hopefully i'll be able to sneak a few images onto the blog today or tomorrow.


. out in cali .

sorry for the extended silence. monica and i are in cali this week visiting families. i'm getting ready to shoot an engagement session for one couple and then a wedding for my sister - so exciting! we'll update with some trip picks when we get back. for some sweet surf pics as a nice diversion until i post again, check out this guys website by clicking here. his name is daniel franks and i met him down at san o. (for my chicago friends, that's a so-cal surf spot). until next time - keep it real.


. the halls .

yesterday i was given the privilege of spending two hours with the hall family. justin & gretchen are missionaries in Albania but have spent the summer here in the states awaiting their daughter's birth. well, she arrived six weeks ago, and she is adorable. the halls are such an awesome couple, and they were a pleasure to talk and laugh with as we strolled throughout the alleys and back ways of Wheaton. their two kids are beautiful. so here's a few pics from the session. to see the full gallery, click here. justin & gretchen, it really was an honor.


. not just the blog .

with thanks to my wife, i have been made aware that i don't have a link to my main site which is what has been completely redone! so click here to visit: GeeFamily Photography. i just got back from shooting a family session with some missionaries from our church and their new baby. i'm super excited to get some pics up over the next day or two, so stay tuned!


. real people . real moments .

i know what you're thinking - again?! yep. i guess i was simply not absolutely thrilled with the (newly) old site. more importantly, it lacked the phrase that defines GeeFamily Photography. but that phrase and purpose is now clearly stated. we're about building relationships so that we can capture those moments that define who we are and what we're all about. so enjoy the new site (i love it!).


Lazy Summer Days

These past two weekends have just been wonderful. The weeks have been particularly busy, so it has been so nice and relaxing to have open schedules on the weekends. Last week I spent a good portion of Saturday and Sunday curled up in a hammock in the back yard, enjoying the beautiful summer weather, a Blended Strawberry Lemonade from Starbucks, and a good book. I decided that since Brian has been posting book reviews that I should too! This one won't be terribly profound, but after all, a good book is something worth talking (or blogging) about.

This past weekend I took a mini-vacation to the world of Jane Austen. I've only been reading Austen for the past year, so I still haven't read many of her most famous works. Last year I read Pride and Prejudice and Emma -- the book for this past weekend was Sense and Sensibility. I was pleasantly surprised to see how different this book was from the previous two I mentioned. I have enjoyed each of the books, but felt like they might be a little too predictable. I did not find that the case at all in Sense and Sensibility. I really had no idea who was going to end up with who until the very end! Although the love stories can be a little monotonous, I found the two main female characters in this book very interesting. I see so much of myself in them that it provided a point of introspection.

Elinor is the sensible, older sister. She is described as possessing a "strength of understanding, and a coolness of judgment, which qualified her, though only nineteen, to be the counsellor of her mother . . . her disposition was affectionate, and her feelings were strong; but she knew how to govern them." The other main female character is Marianne, her younger sister. Her "Abilities were, in many respects, quite equal to Elinor's. She was sensible and clever; but eager in every thing; her sorrows, her joys, could have no moderation. She was generous, amiable, interesting: she was every thing but prudent." At one point, Marianne found herself heartbroken and Austen's description of this provides a picture of this description: "This violent oppression of spirits continued the whole evening. She was without any power, because she was without any desire of command over herself. The slightest mention of any thing relative to Willoughby overpowered her in an instant."

The contrast between the two is clearly exaggerated. I find myself somewhere in between these two girls. I am generally sensible, and yet there are times when I am overwhelmed by emotion. By the end of the book Marianne has mellowed significantly, both by an intense illness and by seeing the benefits of her elder sisters sensibility. This book takes place devoid of any talk of God, but the spiritual implications are not hard to find. There is good sense in governing ones own emotions, but there is even more significance to not being ruled by ones passions but rather subjecting them to God's will. I am reminded of my own need to submit everything to God and to find joy in him regardless of my fleeting emotions. All in all, I found this book very enjoyable and a good study in human nature. I would highly recommend it!