First Week

So it's the first week of my new semester! Round Two. I'm looking forward to my classes: Hebrew Exegesis of Exodus, Greek Exegesis of Mark, New Testament Theology, and an audit of Photography I. So far I've had Exodus and Photo...Mark and NT Theo. are 3 hour classes only on Thursday and Friday. The load will be completely different than last semester as the majority of work will be in translation and close readings. The three Bible classes are 12 units which constitutes a full graduate load, but because they are spread out on different days, the work shouldn't be too crazy. So it's off to the library, my home away from home.


Historical Wheaton, Pt. 1: The Post Office

Over the next few months, I'd like to post a series of photos showcasing some of the Historic Buildings in Wheaton along with their intrinsic anamolies. To begin this series, I went out and took some 50mm shots of the Wheaton Central Post Office. Constructed in 1933, the Post Office features some stunning architectural shapes as well as intricately carved edges. But what first drew my eye to this sight was a small sign around the building's side that reads "Fallout Shelter". So here it is in all its glory...

purgatorio is back :)

For anyone who enjoys making fun of Christian eccentrencies and the syncretism that has so violently seized the church, Marc Heinrich has come back from a year-long blogging absence to put his humorous touch to a serious problem.

You can find his site by clicking here.


Some Fun Shots

Here's a few shots I took...I'm just starting to experiment with textures. I really like the dark texture and mood of the shots, and it's fun to think that these are sights right here in town. Let me know what you think.

Blanchard Hall The Old Church
A Foggy Day
The Light Ahead


Bulls Game!

Last week we were given tickets through Monica's work to go see a Bull's game. Neither Monica nor I are big basketball fans, but we had a blast! The game was close through all four quarters, coming down to a Bull's victory with a single free-throw shot in the last three seconds of the game...that's just good quality sports! On top of that, we were really privileged to be in an executive suite for the game. Free food, dessert, drinks, and amazing seats - it doesn't get better than that. Thanks again to the folks at R.R. Donnelley for the experience. Here's some pics from our night...enjoy!

The Massive Screen

The United Center - Home of the Bulls and Blackhawks

Inside the Arena

Some Shots of the Action:

Monica and Her Nerd Husband :)
Benny the Bull!

Our Suite...and Some of the Food

Ben Wallace Makes the Game Winning Shot with 3 Seconds Left

The Victory Flag!

The Final Score


A Happy New Year Update

Hey All! I know...this is long overdue. But it was a lot of fun to see many of you over the break, so maybe the blogging break wasn't too egregious after all. Maybe.

We've been getting back into the flow of things after the holidays. We had a great time seeing both sides of the family over the break, but it was definitely tiring! Monica's back at work, and I'm working with my new Photoshop program (*snickering*) and looking at perhaps applying for a morning waitering job at some breakfast places. I'm also looking at taking a photography class or two this semester as the load from my classes should prove manageable...hehe...ya. The bottom dropped out of the thermometer today. This morning it was 0 with a wind chill of -16. And for those who are wondering: Yes. I had Ice Cream last night.

I'll send a longer update later, but for now, enjoy some photos of our adventures over the last few weeks...

From Christmas...

In our humble abode with our spiffy Frasier pine.

Great Grandma Meadows, Auntie Monica, and 6 month old Bram Richardson

Corporal Panos on the phone, Papa Meadows, Monica, and Leah
in a telephone booth watching our car drive across the street. Those shocked faces are real!

Monica's silhoutte on her parents roof in San Clemente

Our first snow man - Mortimer!

The guys playing Wii and the girls snacking on New Year's Eve


Very classy!

We realized after the fact that we didn't take any photos up in Santa Clarita...sad...maybe I'll try to edit one together :). In the meantime, have a good new year!