A Happy New Year Update

Hey All! I know...this is long overdue. But it was a lot of fun to see many of you over the break, so maybe the blogging break wasn't too egregious after all. Maybe.

We've been getting back into the flow of things after the holidays. We had a great time seeing both sides of the family over the break, but it was definitely tiring! Monica's back at work, and I'm working with my new Photoshop program (*snickering*) and looking at perhaps applying for a morning waitering job at some breakfast places. I'm also looking at taking a photography class or two this semester as the load from my classes should prove manageable...hehe...ya. The bottom dropped out of the thermometer today. This morning it was 0 with a wind chill of -16. And for those who are wondering: Yes. I had Ice Cream last night.

I'll send a longer update later, but for now, enjoy some photos of our adventures over the last few weeks...

From Christmas...

In our humble abode with our spiffy Frasier pine.

Great Grandma Meadows, Auntie Monica, and 6 month old Bram Richardson

Corporal Panos on the phone, Papa Meadows, Monica, and Leah
in a telephone booth watching our car drive across the street. Those shocked faces are real!

Monica's silhoutte on her parents roof in San Clemente

Our first snow man - Mortimer!

The guys playing Wii and the girls snacking on New Year's Eve


Very classy!

We realized after the fact that we didn't take any photos up in Santa Clarita...sad...maybe I'll try to edit one together :). In the meantime, have a good new year!

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