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Most of you know that I (Monica) have a little side business for making purses and other fabric goodies. But, just in case you didn't know the details, I have an online shop and also a crafty blog that tells a little bit more about what I do. Just thought you might like to take a look:

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Weekend Trip to Chi-Town

Due to popular demand (OK, it was one request - we don't keep our standards too high around here!) we are posting some pictures from a short weekend trip we took to Chicago. In the middle of October Brian reached the half way point in his semester. That meant two of his classes finished and one new class started. We decided that was a good reason to celebrate! A mini-weekend trip was in order. It just so happened, that same weekend some of our good (generous, giving, hospitable, etc.) friends were going to be out of town and offered to let us stay in their adorable Chicago apartment. This fit in very well with our budget, so we decided to take them up on the offer. Thank you Suttons for making our little weekend trip possible - we loved staying in your place! :-)

The pictures aren't terribly exciting, we were mainly just enjoying spending time together, trying a few new restaurants, and leisurely exploring new parts of Chicago. We knew we were in for a great weekend when we walked in the door to find this.

I have never felt so welcomed - Kirra, you could definitely give the Four Seasons a run for their money! You are a way better concierge than I've ever experienced in a hotel! After a late night chic-flick (thanks hubby for bearing with your sentimental wife!), we slept in and enjoyed our morning, taking in all the sights and sounds of a downtown Chicago apartment.

As you can tell, I was really excited!
Then we headed over to Lincoln Park to explore the cute neighborhood, the FREE Lincoln Park Zoo, and an amazing restaurant recommended by some friends. Here are some pictures from those endeavors.

Exploring an apes behavior.
I think he was trying to imitate a zebra. Words really can't describe.
Ah. Chi-town in the Fall.

Me and my new lion buddies. Here I am thinking something along the lines of: "I get to see lions for free? Are you kidding? This is awesome!"
We finished off with a lunch at Oven Grinders - a must visit for you Chicagoans!
Sorry there are so many pictures of me - after all, I am married to the photographer! The rest of the weekend we put away the camera and just enjoyed ourselves. Hope you enjoyed some snap shots of our Chicago get-away!