Putting Some Swing In It!

So last Friday Monica and I had an awesome time at a little young married's party that some friends hosted! Why? Because we learned how to swing dance! We've wanted to learn some sort of dance for some time, so when this came along, we were really excited! Our friends Peter and Laura have been taking lessons for some time now (they are really good!), so they offered to teach us all some moves! It was awesome, and we picked it up pretty fast. Thanks, Peter and Laura, for an awesome time! Here's some (low-res) photos; if anyone wants higher res for a print, just e-mail me at briansgee@gmail.com :)...

In other news, I'm sitting on top of a pile of photos to edit - from trips, visitors, friends, but it's end of month at work so I'll be spending some time on that over the next few days...hopefully I'll be able to also post a few photos every couple of days :), but thanks for your patience!

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Rochelle said...

Hey, great pics... but you should have handed the camera over for a few so we could see some pics of you guys swinging. :)