True Woman '08

I have spent the last 3 days at the True Woman '08 conference with my mom (visiting from CA). What an incredible time of refreshment, encouragement, and conviction. I am not sure if I can even begin to describe what a blessing this time has been to me. Thanks mama (and dad!) for making this possible and for coming to the conference with me. I've been just as encourage by my time with you as with the worship, prayer, and teaching at the conference. What a blessing!
Here are a few (very few!) snapshots from the conference:

When we first arrived at the conference, there were these great tote bags on each of our seats. Not only are the bags practical, they were filled with everything we would need for the conference: a pen, program, free resources, tissues [after all it is a woman's conference], etc.

There were also several vendors at the conference, providing various applicable resources. I've been wanting this book for awhile, so I was so thankful to find it here and to get it signed by the author, Carolyn McCulley.

The first 2 sessions we sat on our own, but we managed to hook up with some ladies from Grace Church for the last 2 sessions and sat with them - 4 rows from the front! It was so awesome to get to worship alongside the women who have welcomed me into their families for the past year.

OK, the lighting isn't great, but here we are! This is before the last session, so we were pretty tired by that point. Other than going back to our hotel to sleep, we only had one other break the whole time! We were feeling "rump-sprung" by the end, but it was all worth it!

After the last session, we were given the opportunity to sign the True Woman Manifesto in affirmation of the challenges we had received over the course of the conference. You should check it out!


Alex and Leah Panos said...

Yay, I'm glad you had a good time and an inspiring weekend!

Rochelle said...

Thanks so much for sharing the pics and some more insights into your trip. I'm so glad it was a good, refreshing, encouraging time for you with other godly women, especially your mom! So neat. So jealous. ;)

Kirra Sutton said...

Love the pics Monica! I am so glad you were able to go with your Mom! How special! I read the Manifesto-keeping it in my Bible! So good. Love you.