Panda Wisdom and Something to Come

Over the last few days I've ran into a couple of random products/advertisements that made me scratch my head and wonder what sort of primates were hired for these projects. I must be in the wrong business. With that, I'll leave you with your moments of zen...

Panda Wisdom. Just in case you can't read the slip of fortune, it says, "You have an accurate and professional mind". Yup. Wisdom for the ages.

This is a bumper sticker that came in an advertisement mailing for a local insurance company. Not sure what they were thinking, but if you actually put this on the back of your car, it sort of strikes me as a flashing billboard for cops to pull you over and actually check your insurance. Sheer genius.


In other news, Monica has a craft show this weekend, so she's been busy crafting new purses for the event. I've been trying to finish all the work on my plate b/f we leave for vacation next week. But, time permitting, I'm hoping to have the next gallery up on the website: Nikki and Jake 2.0! For now, here's a couple samples of their re-edited and textured pictures that will appear in their gallery. Oh, and perhaps another textured image of Emily that I did last night...Oh how I love textures! Have a great friday!

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