In the "News"

Moving to a new place, it seems that everyday holds something new for us. We thought we would share some of the latest "news" with you:

On August 1, we became Aunt and Uncle to our new nephew Bram Hayden Richardson. Here is a pic of the handsome baby boy with his mom (Monica's sister Jamie).

We also bought a few new household items: an IKEA bookshelf, shoe rack, bedstands, TV cabinet, printer/scanner/fax machine and a lot of other little things that make our life more comfortable. Our basement apartment is feeling more and more like home - our new couch arrives tomorrow which will finish off our living room. Monica has been busy on the sewing machine and has made some fun additions to the dining room table, too!

Over the last week or so we have made many new discoveries - Giordano's Pizza, Portillo's, The Room Place and Potbelly Sandwich Works. If there is one thing we love about the midwest is the amazing food and the discount furniture stores! We can't wait for all of you to try our new favorite restaurants.

We are also starting to make some new friends. The midwest is a very friendly place - we seem to make new friends everywhere we go. From the check out line in Trader Joe's to fellow shoppers in stores to the workers at the DMV (technically IL doesn't have a DMV, it is actually a Dept of the Secretary of State) we have found ourselves getting to know the locals and loving our home even more!

Lastly, we have new driver's licenses! We are officially Illinois residents and have registered to vote in IL too!

Who knew moving could be so much fun?

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Gram and Pop said...

Love your new house inside. Heard about your couch. oh well.
Would you send me your fax machine # and i can fax you stuff as well as e-mail and phone.
Love you so much,
Gram and Pop
PS, will miss you Sun nite when the Halls, Nikki, Jake and us celebrate mine and Mom's BD's