Lest you think being a home-maker is only a woman's job - you should see all of the work Brian has been putting into making our basement apartment into a home! The past three day have been filled with unpacking boxes, putting together furniture, making messes and then cleaning them up, organizing, decorating, etc. Our efforts are starting to pay off and we can see our place coming together. We will definitely update with pictures of our place once we finish everything. The weather out here has been hot, sticky and rainy. For all of the warnings we received about the horrid weather, we are doing just fine and our fans are keeping us in good spirits. Hope all of you are doing well back on the West Coast - love to you all!


Anonymous said...

Dear Brian and Monica, just a brief note to say hi from your Jewish Mother in Los Angeles,Sandy.
We are glad you got to new abode safely....
Enjoy the weather while you have it.
All our love, Sandy, the Lighting Girl

Heidi said...

hi! I miss you guys...although I think we are probably closer milewise than when you were in Cali...I'll see you in a little over a month! I'm praying for you!!!!

Gram and Pop said...

Hi Guys, Got an e-mail from Monique saying that Katie and Scott got there safely. Glad to hear that. Monica, I hope you get your job. We will call soon. Keep the blogs coming. It helps us keep us with what is happening there. Also looked on the map and Martha is not too far away. If you want her phone # let me know. She is in Greencastle Ind.
Love you lots, Miss you lots too.
Gram and Pop