Our 20 Week Ultrasound

Here's the pics...still no gender: it wasn't exactly that cooperative as it kept its legs crossed the whole time! Because of that, Monica thinks that we are probably having a very polite girl! (Click on the picture to enlarge it!)UPDATE: Ok, for those of you who like a little more information, I thought I'd expand on Brian's original post. If you are like me and can't really make heads or tails (well, hopefully not tails, that would be weird) of an ultrasound, here is the scoop. The first picture is baby facing the camera. The dark area on the right, I believe, is baby's brain. You can sort of make out two alien-like eyes (no insult to baby, that is just the way these things look!). Baby is on its left side and you can see the body off to the left. If you can make out a little round circle towards the top, that is the baby's hand. Like Brian said, the baby wasn't exactly cooperative during the whole ultrasound so it was difficult to get a good shot. We did get to see fingers, toes, a little bum, and all sorts of internal organs. Good stuff! On to pictures 2 and 3. These are pretty much the same, but I think #3 is a little clearer. Baby has moved onto its back and you can make out its little profile pretty well. These ones needs a little less explanation!

So, our baby is weighing in at about 12 oz and is right on target for its age. The heart rate was 156, so you can speculate how you wish on the gender based on that information! At my next visit the doctor will do a quick check again to see if we can get a clearer picture of the gender, but if not we'll be happy to wait (that's scheduled for May 13th for those of you who are counting!). As much as we'd like to know now, it is just a huge blessing that our baby seems to be in perfect health and is growing exactly like its supposed to. We are so thankful for that!

OK, I've got a lot of other things to write about since "change" seems to be the theme in the Gee household these days. I'll try to update soon and let you know the goings-on!

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Kirra Sue Sutton said...

Baby, baby, baby! Oh I love her/him! I cannot WAIT to meet your little bundle of love! Love you guys much!