Vacation's All I Ever Wanted - Pt. 1

Ah, yes, and many more like this one below!

As promised, I've gone through and sorted some of my favorite pics from our first day of vacation to make this post. So here's a quick summary of the day followed by the pictures...

We left on what was a very stormy morning last Wednesday around noon (CST) and arrived at our Bed & Breakfast, the Victoria Resort, in South Haven, MI around 1:30 (EST). Though it was still raining when we drove up to the Inn, the storms passed within about twenty minutes - the last we'd be bothered with rain for the whole vacation! Soon after unpacking, we went down to check out the local beach that was a short block-and-a-half from our B&B. With the raindrops still fresh on the trees and sand, it was a gorgeous view from all around. We walked along the shoreline towards the pier for a while and just enjoyed being by the beach once again. For our Chicago readers, this is an awesome beach getaway spot! We would return to this beach almost every day of our trip, and the weather would oblige our efforts to relax (more on that in the next post).

After cleaning off our feet from the still-moist sand, we trecked into town for dinner at Clementines, a local joint that is famous for their hand-battered onion rings. During our (long) wait to be seated (it's a really popular place), we walked around the downtown distric and stopped in at some of the local shops. They were cool, but no different from the small shops in places like Laguna, or even downtown Wheaton. Finally our table was ready. And let me tell you - the wait was worth it. The onion rings were the best Monica and I have ever had (I know...I'm making you hungry...I'm making myself hungry, too!). Golden. Crispy. A non-soggy onion in the middle. Incredible.

Finally, we drove to a famous MI ice cream shop that happens to have their warehouse in South Haven called Sherman's. Not only are they famous for their Ice Cream flavors (like Mackinac Island Fudge or Sherman Tracks), but this particular location is also famous for their portions. Let's just say that I (the indominable ice cream fiend) would not recommend getting a double scoop (see below).

So that's Day 1! Enjoy the picks...

Our First Greeter - Oreo!
- - - - - -
At the Beach...

- - - - -

Monica's Famous "Retarded Chicken" Walk Back From the Beach...Hilarious!

- - - - -

Some Pics From Around the B&B

- - - - -

Around Downtown - The Dome is the Top of Clementine's

The Harbor & Lighthouse from Downtown
Monica's Turtle Friend
Her Other Friend...

Yup, They're That Good...
And, Last But Not Least, Sherman's...(Cue Music)...Here's My Double Scoop!
This Is Where I Realized I Had Made A Mistake...
It Wouldn't End...
But Now My Pride Is At Stake, So I Have To Finish...
Ahh...the last bite!

At This Point I'm Probably Just as Much the "Blue Moo" as the Cow Is!

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Alex and Leah Panos said...

HAHAHAHA! I don't think I've ever cracked up this much while reading a blog. You two are so cute. Not only is the photography excellent, but you're hilarious (loved the ice cream montage too :). Looks like a really fun trip!