Weekend Fun!

As promised, here's a little longer recap of the past few days and all the fun (and craziness) we've had!

Monica was busy making purses last week in order to get ready for a craft show up in Round Lake Beach, IL - about an hour and ten minute drive north of us (and close to the WI border). For those who don't know, my crafty wife has been making her own line of designer, handmade purses for several months now. She even has an online shop (click here to visit the shop). At her first craft show a few months ago, we sat next to a couple who make adorable baby products (well, the wife, Rhyah makes them!). We all hit it off immediately as we're all similar in age, life-stage, etc. Well, Rhyah found this next craft show and asked Monica if she'd like to share a booth. And that's the story.

[On an aside, Rhyah's business is called BabyTopia. It's worth checking out! Click here to go to her store. Below are some pictures of her products.]

The first day of the fair, the ladies were crammed into a darker corner that lacked much traffic. It's probably an understatement to say that no sales the first day was rather discouraging. But Monica and Rhyah found out that another booth in a great spot was open, so they moved there the next day.

The Old Spot:

The New Spot:

What a difference! Monica ended up selling 5 bags on Sunday! Even so, the conversations from both days were a lot of fun and totally worth the trip. Oh, the gyros that we found at a place called Papagus on the way home on Saturday made it worth it, too!

After those two exhausting days, we came home and have been scrambling to get things ready for our vacation (we leave tomorrow!). In the midst of that, a lady called who had gotten Monica's card from Joann's Fabric Store. She needed some emergency embroidery for a craft project. Monica accepted the work and we were both up late last night working on the project. That was fun, too, but we were definitely exhausted today! Exhaustion aside, God has blessed us with these extra side jobs, and it's fun to see how he is using them!

So that's a longer recap of the weekend and early week. Now we're off to South Haven, Michigan for our vacay, and we are praying for some much needed rest and a good battery recharge for both of us. We'd love your prayers along those lines, too. Have a good week!

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Alex and Leah Panos said...

Yay, cute photos and great news that the crafty business is going well! Just slightly jealous of Monica's creative abilities (in a good way, hehe :). Hope you two have a wonderful vacation and break from work!