In Sickness and In Health

That particular promise is in Wedding Vows for a reason - loving one another during sickness can be difficult. This year we are celebrating God's grace in the midst of sickness. He has been so gracious to teach us to love one another when we feel more like taking care of ourselves. He has provided abundant grace to meet our needs when we feel like we can't keep going. More than all of that, he is teaching us to be selfless and to model his self-sacrificing love for us.

So, Happy Anniversary, my dear, sick Brian. I love you more than words can say and am so thankful for the opportunity to serve you during these days of sickness. How fitting that we should remember our vows on a day like today and celebrate the fact that we are committed to loving each other under any circumstance. A lot has changed in two years, but my love for you has only increased. I pray that God will continue to bind our hearts together - whether in sickness or in health. I love you!

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