Welcome to Our Humble Abode!

Well, it is high time that we provided you with a photo tour of our home. Hope you enjoy!!

All houses (or apartments) must have an entryway. Ours begins in this lovely garden and continues into our very functional storage area.

We are usually greeted by this mild tempered collie named Tessie.

Finally, you get to our front door and are welcomed into our happy home.

As you enter to the right of the "foyer" you will find a long hallway. On the left hand side is our bathroom.

And on the right hand side is our study/craft/book room. Our desks are featured here. Brian's is a little messy - but that is what happens when you have to do homework all day!

At the end of the hall, you might stop to enjoy our "art gallery" displaying some of our favorite photos from our Israel trip last summer.

At this point, you would find yourself in our living room. You might see Brian on the couch as in this photo.

Or you might look around and notice the custom made curtains or beautiful wedding photos on the walls.

From there you could go to our bedroom and could appreciate our bedspread from Israel.

On your way back out you might notice our small entertainment center - but you definitely couldn't get past seeing the pipes that go through our ceiling. These give the place so much character!

After going back through the living room, you would notice our "parisian" dining area.

Finally you would pass through our kitchen and end up in the same foyer where you started.

700 square feet of pure love! Hope you can come in person sometime soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi My sweet grandkids,
Love your decorating, but can do without the lightening and power outages, no way to do my hair for work without power, Monica, love your sewing projects. Miss you guys, but will call very soon. Brian, keep up the good work at school, Love always to you both,
Gram and Pop

meg said...

i love your little apartment!! its soo cute. i cant wait until i can see it for myself!