Friends, Family, and Photography

Monica's sister, Leah, flew in last weekend for a whirlwind tour of our great city and to spend some time with us. We had a blast taking her around town and getting to catch up on life. I also took advantage of our time downtown by taking some more artistic, city-scape type pictures. Here's a mix of the two...enjoy!

the "L" train in b&w

waiting for the L

inside the chicago symphony orchestra building

the staircase inside the symphony's foyer

the skyline (note how small the sear's tower looks! yes, it's the one in the background!)

on the town

cool in chi-town

the stage at millenium park in b&w

the city in b&w

Of course, our trip wasn't all about taking pictures.... As we were walking on the famous Navy Pier, Monica recognized a family friend whom she has not seen in nine years! How random! Meet the Brenners! (from left to right: Leah, Monica, Kathy, Kaitlin, and Dana)

But the fun didn't stop there! As our final stop along the GeeFamily Chicago tour, we walked down to Moody Bible Institute and visited with our San Clemente buddy, Jenna. One of the main campus buildings is in the background...and if anyone who knows Jenna's mom, Jill, is reading this blog, make sure to ask her about the elevator incident when she dropped Jenna off...it's pretty funny!


Anonymous said...

Hey there!!! I love your photography!! And, I love the pics of where you live, and I especially love the photo with My Kid in it!! THanks for visiting her.. And, yes that elevator story is classic!! So, fun!!
Jill Fawcett

Heidi said...

you are a pro tour guide! i love you and miss you!!!! let's try to talk soon!