Storm Watch 2007

This post is a bit overdue, but we thought you might like to know about our encounter with a summer storm. About two weeks ago, we experienced our first severe weather storm in the Mid West. We may have experienced a rain storm on the way through Nebraska, but it doesn't even come close to the tornado like weather conditions that came through Illinois two weeks ago. The day started out mildly enough - we went to lunch together and enjoyed the beautiful 90 degree weather. But around 3 o'clock the sky drastically changed. This is what Brian saw coming his way.

The storm was furious, and packed a hard punch. The power was out in downtown Wheaton for four whole days. We were without power on Thursday night, but thankfully it was restored by 10:30 that evening. Friday the power was out at Crossway and I was able to go home early - yay! All that to say - weather really affects things around here. Wheaton has seen the light end of the damage, several other counties have experienced a lot of flood damage. Despire the weather, we are in good spirits and Brian can't get over how cool real thunder and lightning is.

Finally, we would like to say that Californians need to get out of California every once and awhile to be reminded of what a real storm is like. So for those of you who want to experience "storm watch 2007" - come visit us any time!

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