On The Road

Our adventure has begun! We are almost at the halfway point to Wheaton and are loving our traveling experience so far. While we are excited to get settled into our new home, we are thankful for the ability to take the drive out at a slower pace. For the most part, Brian is all business on the road - but we have taken a few side trips that make the drive more tolerable. Here are some highlights for you to enjoy:

Our first stop was in Baker, CA where we visited the tallest thermometer in the world. By the way, it was 104 degrees there!

We also had fun interacting with some Greek statues in front of the Mad Greek - a Food Network favorite.

We barrelled through Nevada and Arizona, and spent our first night in Cedar City, UT. We had a fun time exploring the cities historic downtown area.

This morning we left Cedar City and started the long trek across the middle of Utah. Here we are taking a pit stop.

A roadside overlook provided for some great landscape photos. This is what we have been looking at all day today.

Finally, our last detour was to Arches National Park where we appreciated some of the most beautiful vistas in Utah.

Tonight we are staying in Grand Junction, CO and are ready for the trip through Denver tomorrow! Thanks for your prayers!!

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