Lessons from the Temple

Yesterday and today we have spent the majority of our time talking about and learning about the Temple/Temple Mount. Yesterday morning we went to the Temple Mount as a group and spent a good amount of time discussing the importance of the Old Testament Temple as well as the significant events that took place on the Temple Mount in New Testament times. We had a free afternoon (and spent much of it shopping! By the way - Pop we got your new Israel hat!!) which enabled us to do two really cool things: we went to the Temple Institute and the Western Wall Tunnel. The Temple Institute is in the process of recreating all of the items necessary for a modern day temple to function. They are just waiting for the opportunity to rebuild the temple on the Temple Mount (obviously a lot would have to change for that to happen!) and to resume all of the Temple functions of the Old Testament times.

Everything we have seen in the Jewish people shows an amazing hope and expectation in the future of Israel. They are anxiously waiting for the Messiah and are activtely pursuing preparing a way for him to come. It breaks my heart to know that they can be so zealous, but without the Truth. After spending so much time thinking through the OT Temple, the sacrifices and the desperation of a people - it was a great joy to spend the afternoon on the Mount of Olives. There Dr Varner gave a fantastic sermon going through the hope of the Gospel. What a privilege to be reminded of the truths of who Jesus Christ was (and is!) and of what He has accomplished by His death, burial and resurrection. Here are a few photos from yesterday and today. I hope these images will remind you of the true hope that is found in the Gospel and to spur you on to boldness in sharing our reliable faith.

Here Brian and I are in front of the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount.

Another view on the Temple Mount

View of the Temple Mount from the Southern Excavations.

View of the Temple Mount from the Mount of Olives.

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Lost in Santa Fe New Mexico said...

Love seeing you guys at the Temple Mount. So very cool. Look forward to hearing the whole story when you get back home. Have a safe Journey. Your Papa and MawMaw