Floating in the Dead Sea

Well, after a few days in the Galilee area we just left our wonderful resort in En Gev this morning. We drove down through Jericho and Qumran and enjoyed a late evening swim in the Dead Sea. So much has happened in the last few days but internet has been sparse. We have a promise of Wireless Internet tomorrow and promise some new pictures! Tomorrow morning we hike Masada and head back up through the Negev to the Old City for the remainder of our trip. God has been very good to us and we have been having a wonderful time!

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Pop and Gram said...

Glad you are having as wonderful
time as we told you. Love you
lots. Mom and Dad are in montana at the Runamuck Ranch until Wed am
our time, then off to Jelly Stone(Yellowstone Park) and parts unknown, possibly the Grand Tetons.
Home Friday. Looking forward to more pictures. All our Love,
Gram and Pop